Advanced Spine Care

Our expert team uses the latest technology
and advancements in spinal care to treat your condition.

About Denver International Spine Center

Denver International Spine Center (DISC), located on the campus of Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, provides integrated and comprehensive spine care that return our patients to their best health. We are fully focused on the whole spectrum of spinal conditions, on our patients and on their healing.

Our expert surgeons and multi-disciplinary team at DISC strives to provide superior medical care – safe, effective, state of the art – tailored to your specific treatment needs. We collaborate across multiple disciplines to diagnose and treat each patient’s unique needs with a team approach. That means we do not just think in terms of “common” spine conditions. We work to understand the patient’s specific pathology, using every technology, tool, treatment and research breakthrough. Our goal is to fully understand your pathology with you so that we can, as a team, develop a spectrum of treatment options.

From 3D imaging technology to the latest breakthroughs in therapy and pain management, we are at the forefront of advanced solutions. Physicians at DISC are utilizing EOS technology and imaging system to capture detailed images of patients while simultaneously reducing radiation exposure by 50 to 85 percent less than traditional radiographic systems and imaging. We are one of a few hospitals in the United States to have this technology and one of only two available in Colorado.

Our leading, highly experienced and recognized surgeons collaborate with a full team of support experts to customize treatments that may involve minimally invasive surgeries to non-surgical intervention, therapies and holistic approaches.

DISC cares for the vast range of spinal conditions, well beyond single solutions, with a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, safety and success. Find ongoing comfort and relief in our dedication to ensuring patients are informed, confident, and their care and recovery are always our top priority.