Often, spinal surgery allows patients to begin a new chapter in their lives-- one with less pain and more activity; one with a better quality of life. But, for some patients, the symptom relief never comes. For some, they have more pain. Others may feel relief initially, but the pain returns months or years later. At Denver International Spine Center, we want to encourage you not to live with the pain! We can help.

If you have had a neck or spine surgery but are experiencing significant back or pain, numbness in the arms/legs and or radiating pain, our surgeons may be able to help. We have seen patients who have been told by other providers that nothing more can be done. Because our surgeons have dedicated their careers to treatment of the spine and researching pioneering options, they have a unique level of experience and expertise in caring for the spine, often treating what others have deemed ‘untreatable.’

We take great joy in bringing new hope to patients with revision surgery. We begin by meeting with you and your loved ones to learn about your health history, your current concerns, and your lifestyle goals. We then using advanced imaging to determine the cause of the pain and work with you to create a treatment plan that takes into account your specific needs and goals. Your plan may include a revision or other surgery, a pain management plan, medication and/or physical therapy.

Don’t tolerate ongoing pain any longer. Contact us now to get started (303) 762-3472.