Most older adults have some form of spinal degeneration, whether in the lumbar (lower) spine or the cervical (upper/neck) spine. Degeneration occurs when the discs of the spine become dehydrated due to aging, congenital conditions, overuse, or prior injury. This dehydration causes the disc to lose height and, as a result, the disc (or discs) often bulge into the nerve space. Called a disc herniation, this pressure can be extremely painful, leading to pain and numbness in the arms or legs as well as significant neck or back pain. While these conditions are common and often inevitable, it is not just a normal part of aging. Let us help you get back to the active life you love!

When you come to Denver International Spine Center (DISC), you gain access to our surgeons who have decades of experience and are leading researchers in the field. Treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. We use our advanced imaging technology to visualize the spine and determine the location and severity of the degeneration. We then meet with you and any loved ones involved in your care to carefully explain the diagnosis and explore treatment options. When possible, we begin with the least invasive options. This may include lifestyle changes (losing weight, quitting smoking and diet changes), injections, holistic pain management, physical therapy and medication. If these options are not bringing the relief and quality of life you desire, we then consider surgical treatment.

Our surgeons are highly experienced in cutting-edge surgical treatment options. Recent advancements in the field have allowed us to utilize new technology for minimally invasive techniques. These techniques often reduce the amount of blood loss, minimize complications, and get you back to the life you love, faster! No matter what your personalized treatment plan entails, our team is committed to helping you understand each aspect of your diagnosis and treatment options. Give us a call to get started: (303) 762-3472.