Advanced pain management and spine care tailored to you

Therapies, treatment, conditioning, surgeries—All in one place

At Denver International Spine Center (DISC), we provide so much more than spine surgery. From acute to chronic pain, and whether inpatient, outpatient or perioperative care, we help patients experience less pain sooner at one of the premier pain management destinations in the Rocky Mountain region.

DISC provides pain management care to a wide variety of patients, including both patients who have had surgery and those who have pursued alternative treatment paths.

Our multimodal pain management care program provides a full circle of spine-related therapies, holistic solutions, physician proficiency and minimally invasive surgeries all tailored to relieve your pain and treat spinal conditions.

Under the program direction of Brittany D'Orio, you or a loved one will receive the highest level of dedicated treatment designed to fit your individual needs. We also work in tandem with the comprehensive services of the larger DISC team, including our foremost physician Timothy R. Kuklo, MD, JD.

Our well-established, coordinated program takes pride in its proven results. We are proud to offer:

  • Single-visit consultations, acute pain management and chronic pain management
  • Continuity of care between referring providers, physicians, caregivers and patients
  • Multimodal treatment for optimum pain relief and care, including therapies, exercises, physician care, weight management, smoking cessation
  • Holistic approaches including acupuncture and trigger point practices

For more information on DISC’s advanced pain management program, or to schedule an appointment with any of our physicians, contact us today at (303) 762-DISC (3472).