The Denver International Spine Center Approach

An orthopedic spine condition or injury can be a scary thought, and the Denver International Spine Center (DISC) team of expert surgeons and support staff work to provide integrative and informed care aimed at healing the spine both quickly and safely.

We offer interdisciplinary medical and surgical spine care with cross-expertise collaboration and innovative treatment methods. From the use of the latest technologies to our constant adaptation to new research and treatment techniques, the services and procedures offered by the DISC team make us one of the premier spine treatment practices in the region.

Conditions We Treat

Through our collaborative team approach, we treat a number of complex spinal deformities. Our program includes treatment for:

Additionally, our 3D navigation practices for spine surgery allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s unique needs. Our DISC team utilizes the safest, most advanced minimally invasive techniques designed for patient health and comfort.

Learn more about the DISC approach to care and our surgical team today.