The DISC Global Charity Commitment

Whether at home in Denver or across the world, the Denver International Spine Center (DISC) places no higher importance than helping patients in need. The surgeons at DISC are some of the most extensively trained, highly experienced surgeons in the world, and selflessly offer their talents to help those who most benefit from their expertise.

Our surgeons often travel around the world to perform charity surgeries for people with little to no access to adequate medical care, partnering with nonprofit organizations to offer spine surgeries and treatments for patients in underprivileged countries.

Global Spine Outreach

The Global Spine Outreach (GSO) transforms the lives of children with severe spinal deformities by performing surgeries completely free of charge. In November 2016, Dr. Shay Bess traveled with GSO to Cali, Columbia on a six-day trip to perform four surgeries for children in need.

The 500-bed hospital in Cali, while sound in infrastructure, struggled with limited supplies and resources for advanced spine surgeries. GSO surgical volunteers helped educate and assist in-country surgeons to create sustainable spine centers that help the region year-round, with Dr. Bess assisting in surgeries for four children ages 9-15.

"Being able to donate my skillset to those in need is one of the most rewarding parts of my work," said Dr. Bess. "Not only helping the children I saw while I was in Cali, but knowing that I was able to use my training to help other surgeons do the same for countless other children reminds me why I pursued a career in medicine."

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The Ethiopia Project

"The Ethiopia Project is another organization I'm so proud to work with," said Dr. Bess. "The positive impact we get to have on families and their children who once struggled with everyday life due to untreated spinal conditions is truly a blessing for us as well."

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Photo Gallery

Below are several photos of our doctors during their time in both Columbia and Ethiopia.